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Current Projects

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Finding Compás

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This feature film, inspired by true events, follows a life transformed by the deep, soulful, strength and beauty that is the art of flamenco. Elle, a high-tech executive whose life is torn apart by tragedy, in a moment of chance, experiences the power and beauty of raw emotions expressed through flamenco. Intrigued, she goes on a journey that takes her from despair and grief, to acceptance of the ups and downs of life – its pain and its joys – and finding the strength to embrace the messiness of it all. Inspired by art, music and dance, she discovers her voice in the grace of a life transformed.
This is the first narrative film for WWC – part documentary, part biography and part inspirational story – this film brings us along the road to where shared human experiences meet in the transformative expression of music, art and dance to celebrate the life experiences we all share. FOLLOW THIS FILM ON FACEBOOK!


HEALTH + Care = Healthcare
The Human Caring Revolution
A film about the startlingly simple truth; caring matters.

J-W-16An international movement is underway redefining modern approaches to healthcare. It’s not a new business model, or new technology, it’s a new understanding of the simple act of caring. Among the leaders calling for this vital shift in healthcare, the work of Dr. Jean Watson stands out for the far-reaching influence her work is having. For multiple decades she has brought voice, science and structure to the world of caring, crossing the globe and championing the a return to the basics of caring. With decades of focus on the bottom line and still not achieving the desired results, healthcare leaders seem ready to listen. Her message is not just reaching deeply into the US Healthcare System, but far beyond. There early indications that a much needed worldwide movement is underway. One that does not passively hope that caring is happing in each healthcare interaction but one that boldly places caring in it’s rightful place, as the essence of what healthcare is, means and achieves. Health + CARE = Healthcare.

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