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Finding Compas - expression of the soul


Celebrating the power that can be found within ourselves when we give our hearts a chance to dance.

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about the film

Sometimes we hurt to the depths of our being. Finding our way forward can be a rough and lonely road. The reclaiming of self takes tremendous courage, determination and inspiration. This story brings us along that road, to where shared human experiences meet in the transformative expression of music, art, dance and community to embrace, even celebrate the messiness of life. This feature film, inspired by true events, follows a life transformed by the deep, soulful, strength and beauty that is the art of flamenco.

A deep dive into the world of Flamenco is a journey into the complexities of human emotions and the expansiveness of the human spirit. When we juxtapose Flamenco with the life of a young woman dealing with a tragic loss, we uncover the part of our humanness that transcends, geography, culture, race and beliefs. In the very raw place of loss and grief, we are all the same. The story uses Compás, the unifying rhythmic structure of Flamenco to demonstrate that we can find our way through the messiness of life and allow our challenges to become part of the art of our being.

Finding Compas - The Art of Flamenco

featured artists

We are so honored and grateful to have drawn so much talent to this project. While there is not room for bios on them all, we encourage you to checkout their websites/social media to learn more about the extraordinary artists that have come together for this inspiring project.

Farruquito – Dancer/Chorographer/Actor
Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya ‘Farruquito’ is a resident of Southern Spain and is arguably one of the most famous gypsy flamenco dancers in the world. He is the son of Flamenco singer ‘El Moreno’ and dancer ‘La Farruca’ and is grandson of the great ‘Farruco’. He was born into flamenco “puro” making his début on the international scene on Broadway at the age of five. Since then he has devoted his entirety to the preservation and innovation of his beloved art form.

La Tania – Dancer/Chorographer/Actor
Tania Leullieux is an award winning dancer and choreographer originally from Southern Spain. Now settled in Oakland, her awards include the Guggenheim Fellowship, Fellowships from the National Endowments for the Arts, Choreographers Fellowship from The California Arts Council and two Isadora Duncan Dance Awards. She founded La Tania Baile Flamenco a company dedicated to preserving and promoting flamenco dance in the Bay Area.

Sara Moncada Dancer / Actor
Sara Moncada began her studies in dance and theatrical performance at the age of six including classical ballet, modern dance and live theater. In 2001, she discovered her passion for the art of Flamenco. Her studies took her to Spain where she studied with Farruquito, La Farruca, Pastora Galvan, Andres Marin and Rafaela Carrasco. Over time her Native American heritage merged with her performance and dance training. Currently Sara speaks and performs both nationally and internationally on Native American arts, dance and culture.

José Luis De La Paz – Composer / Sound Design / Guitarist
José Luis Rodríguez is an award-winning flamenco guitarist, composer, and performer whose original compositions and performances blend traditional and experimental instrumentation delivered with an emotional brio that is without parallel. Rodriguez has recorded several classic and experimental albums, accompanied important figures in flamenco song and dance, and composed original scores for dance, film, and performance art installations. Among his most notable works are compositions created for Ballet Cristina Hoyos, Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, Belen Maya, Juan Carlos Lerida, Ramon Oller and the 2015 collaboration with LA Philharmonic and Maestro Gustavo Dudamel in collaboration with Antonio Canales, Farruquito and Siudy Garrido (artistic director) in Amor Brujo.

Encarnita Anillo – Signer
Encarna Anillo began her career in flamenco since she was a child singing and dancing in local competitions in her hometown: Cádiz. Since she was a teenager, she already sang solo at Andalusian festivals, sharing the stage with figures such as Chano Lobato, Juan Villar, Mariana Cornejo, Terremoto, Duquende and La Niña de la Puebla, among others. In the facet of singing for the dance she began with bailaores like Rafaela Carrasco, Andrés Marín, Belén Maya, Rafael Campallo or Farruquito, performing with all of them in national and international stages.

Jesús Montoya – Singer
Jesús Montoya was from Seville, Spain. Born into the one of the oldest Gypsy families. Jesus was steeped in flamenco purity and power, earning him the name “ El Rey Del Fandangos Grande” at age 7 and by age 9 he had started his professional singing career. He was the featured singer for the legendary Fernanda Romero, Isabel Vargas, Andres Marin, Pepe Rios,La Cipri & Manuela Salazar, Juan Ogalla, Alejandro Granados, Isabel Lopez, Omayra Amaya, Ciro, Juaquin Ruiz, Esrella Moreno, La Truco, Carmela Greco, Pepa Montes, Manolete, Jose Galvan and many more. In addition to his Spanish and European touring credentials, he has toured tirelessly with major flamenco companies throughout the United States and Canada to sold out audiences. His passing during the making of this film was heartbreaking for all who new and loved him.

cante/singers (in order of appearance)

  • Encarnita Anillo
  • Jesus Montoya
  • Jose Louis de la Paz
  • Susana Behar
  • Antonio Zuniga

balladors/soloists (in order of appearance)

  • La Tania
  • Christina Hall
  • Sara Moncada
  • Fanny Ara
  • Farruquito

We have over 30 Flamenco dancers from the San Francisco Bay area participating in the film.


  • As himself Farruquito
  • As herself La Tania
  • Elle Sara Moncada
  • Elle’s fiancé Joe Galambos
  • Gallery Curator David Blount Porter
  • Flamenco Class Guitar Roberto Aguilar
  • Dressmaker Rebecca Holland

the team

  • Written and Directed by Kathy Douglas
  • Assistant Director Eddie Madril
  • Artistic Director – Dance Tania Leullieux
  • Executive Producer Sue Craig
  • Executive Producer John Mini
  • Director of Photography Marlon Torres
  • Editor Robin Lee
  • Dance Editor Sara Madril
  • Colorist Tony Urgo
  • Visual Effects Tony Urgo
  • Music Supervisor Greg Landau
  • Original Score Jose Louis de la Paz

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