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Wise Women Circles is a women owed and operated production company. We are committed to creating films and supporting projects that promote awareness, expand understanding, and inspire individual or social change. Our work is a celebration of the creativity and potential of the human spirit.

Kathy Douglas, Co-Founder – About The Film Maker

Kathy Douglas is Co-Founder of Wise Women Circles. Kathy’s interest in film making goes back 20 years, when she directed her first documentary for a private company. The Song Within Sedona was her first publicly released feature length documentary, which was followed by the feature length documentary NURSES If Florence Could See Us Now. Kathy is honored that both of these films are distributed by First Run Features, one of the nations largest independent film distributors, out of New York City.

In addition to being a filmmaker Kathy has been an executive in healthcare software company’s for over 3 decades. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her involvement in multiple successful start-up companies both for profit and not-for-profit. She is a registered nurse (RN), holds a Masters Degree in Health Administration from UCSF and is a graduate of Stanford University Business School, Executive Program.  Her clinical background was Intensive Care Nursing (ICU) during which time she taught nursing as a volunteer in India. She credits her film making abilities to knowing the Nursing Process…. Observe, Assess, Plan, Act, Evaluate, then do it all over again. Kathy is a life long student of wisdom traditions.

Sara Moncada Madril, Co-Founder – About The Rest

SM HeadShot 1Sara Moncada Madril is Co-Founder of Wise Women Circles. Sara manages the daily operations of the organization and has primary responsibility for Production, Post Production, Marketing and Program Development. Sara brings to Wise Women Circles a strong start-up background as well as experience working in the not-for-profit sector. She has worked with multiple technology start up companies in the healthcare arena in the areas of marketing, product management, program management, corporate film development and Client Relations. She was previously the Managing Director for the not-for-profit Institute for Staffing Excellence and Innovations and On Nursing Excellence an organization devoted to inspiring and strengthening the effectiveness, recognition and well-being of nurses world wide.

In addition to her corporate work, Sara has a unique background in the arts as an artist and educator. She is the Program Director for Sewam American Indian Dance, an organization that specializes in sharing the music, dance and arts of Native American culture across the country in both education and theatrical arenas. She is also a company member and Project Director for La Tania Baile Flamenco, sharing the art, power and beauty of traditional Flamenco. For more than 20 years, her deep experience in dance, arts and theatrical performance has given her a powerful creative eye for grace, movement and storytelling in film.

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Film Projects

The Song Within Sedona – 2010

NURSES If Florence Could See Us Now – 2012

The Integrative Perspective (Working Title) – In Production

Health + Care = Healthcare: The Caring Science Revolution (Working Title) – In Production

Finding Compás – In Production